MUST Check Out Suzi Blu

She is the coolest person I have not me but have email met and taken online art classes with sort of. In any case, I am in love with her apparent way of life, not to mention her incredible talents, including drawing and painting, and teaching, making videos and even amusing yet educational blog posts. I seriously would consider the "L" word for her. Anyway She is at Suzi Blu.  The photo is very similar to her drawing and painting style, could be one of hers under a different name.

p.s. BTW, no, I am not so naive as to believe Suzi Blu is her real name, cool as it might be.
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LEAD - Disability Advocacy

Please take a moment to read the above noted page. I was motivated by many events but after seeing the woman who has made such a difference for Rwandan women, I've been inspired to begin an advocacy group that I've considered for quite a while. I hope you will join me in whatever capacity you can. (No money is involved!) Leave a comment and you can become part of the movement.
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