LEAD - Disability Advocacy

It is time for true advocacy to take place for children with all disabilities with regard to obtaining a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). This is my start date. This is also my call to parents, guardians, educators and administrators to consider the future of these children they educate.

Don't "settle", accepting what we are told is possible. We need to think like Alice, above. At least 6 impossible thoughts before breakfast. No I am not 'mad". I am motivated. The only way to affect change is to radicalize the system we've been dealing with for years. This system is closing in on children, not expanding the horizon for them. Arts in the schools no longer exists for the most part. I just heard yesterday $90 million shortfall in revenues requires more cuts across the board in state budgets. I heard tonight the ABQ superintendent of schools is considering a law suit against the federal government for not providing funds required to provide required education. To my surprise he then stated it has been done successfully in the past.

But what is a system which requires this type of action? It is not only broken; it is faulty from the tap root. Therefore, it must be removed and replaced from the ground up.

We can follow models that have worked previously for change from the grassroots level, no need to reinvent the wheel. With a blueprint already available, we wil have a running start. If you are interested or willing to join me, please leave a comment. No time like the present to begin. One step at a time will give us sure footing.